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Success stories

Happy Birthday Teddy

Just over a year ago, Teddy was adopted from us and taken to a very loving home with Sara Colclough.


Soon after his adoption, Teddy was joined by another little kitten named Tibbs..... and with no hesitation at all, Teddy had a friend for life.


Now, Teddy is celebrating his 1st birthday with his bestie and has grown up to be a super handsome chap!



A French bulldog that was found abandoned in a "despicable" condition, has found love and a forever home in Stapenhill. Teddy, who was previously named Keith, was found alongside another French bulldog called Albert in Stapenhill Gardens, in November 2016.

The duo was found in a "despicable" condition with severe skin conditions and overgrown claws, but after being taken in by the RSPCA they were rehomed to a family who had looked after French bulldogs for more than 19 years.,

Sadly, the pair of pooches were not getting along and so when Teddy found himself back at the kennels, he was desperate to find someone who could give him the love and attention he craved - he found that in the shape of Stapenhill woman Amy Clark, who said the "two needed each other."Teddy


Luna, as she is now known, was found tied  to a fence in Park Road in June 2016 with cuts and blisters on her paws and scars across her body. She had been spotted abandoned by a passer-bu who called in RSPCA inspectors.

After a month of rest and recuperation at the RSPCA'S Hillfield Animal Home in Stretton, the four-year-old lurcher dog has been rehomed. A Burton couple fell in love with Luna when they spotted her being taken a walk by an RSPCA volunteer - and they quickly made the decision to adopt her.



A dog discovered starving and wandering the streets of Burton found a new home just in time for Christmas.

Stanley, a two-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, was found in Burton by a member of the public and was severely underweight with open wounds on his face.

After being nursed back to health at the RSPCA Hillfield Animal Home, in Stretton, he was adopted by new owners who were determined to make sure he had a wonderful Christmas.