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Posted by Susie on October 30, 2018

In June this year, a member of the public dashed into our reception with a frightened puppy she had found in a lay by of the A38. She had said that she’d spotted her cowering in the grass and pulled in at the next available place to get her. The smell was unbearable and she was so matted she looked almost elderly.


The puppy was petrified, literally frozen to the spot. It took a few hours in our manager's office to even get her to a point that she would move her feet. The only thing she would look at was our Public Engagement Manager’s 10 year old Shih Tzu, Frank. Her interest in Frank is what earned her the name Peggy (Eastenders fans will understand the reference).

However...that’s when we noticed the urine dripping from her back end.


After much TLC from our kennel staff and vets visits, it became apparent that Peggy had an ‘ectopic ureter’. This is a rare condition that puppies can be born with where the ureter, rather than terminating at the urinary bladder, terminates at a different site. In females this is usually the urethra or vagina. This resulted in urine simply dripping all day long, she was completely unable to urinate naturally.


Peggy came round so quickly into a loving, cheeky and intelligent pooch with a real zest for life. So we contacted West Midlands Referrals in Lichfield and they agreed that for a heavily reduced price, they could perform an operation to reposition the ureter. We were warned that it was a risky procedure with a relatively low success rate but Peggy’s age was on her side so we went for it!


Against all odds, the operation was a success and Peggy began the painful process of ‘house training’. Fast forward a few months, some recuperation in foster (with Frank) and lots more TLC and Peggy was met by Charlotte. It was love at first sight. She now lives in Lichfield with her new family and we couldn’t be happier!

Peggynew home.png

This is the perfect example of how important the donations and fundraising from our community is to the animal home, without it animals like Peggy would be destined for a life in kennels - please get in touch for ideas on fundraising for Hillfield today.